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C > 07. One-Dimensional Arrays
  1. Initializing an Array
    A program that fills an array of 100 doubles with zeroes.
  2. Initializing an Array Using a Function
    A function that takes a value and an array and fills the array with that value.
  3. Computing Statistics
    A program that computes the mean and standard deviation of the contents of an array of doubles.
  4. Filling an Array from a File
    A program that fills and array of 10 integers from a file.
  5. A Pointer for an Array Parameter
    A program that fills an array with a value submitted by the user.
  6. Filling Partially an Array
    A program that partially fills an array from a file until the end of file (EOF). The program uses a function that fills the array and returns the actual number of data read.
  7. Adding Two Arrays
    A function that adds the corresponding values from two arrays of the same size and puts the results in a third array.
  8. Searching a 1-D Array
    A function that looks for a value in an array and returns the cell number where it was found or -1 if not found.
  9. Dynamic Allocation of a 1-D Array
    A program that allocates a dynamic array of a size chosen by user input.
  10. Statistical Table of Differences
    A program that computes the mean and standard deviation of an array and displays the difference between each value and the mean.
  11. The Parallel Arrays Demonstration Program
    A program that searches an array for a codebar and returns the size and price from parallel arrays.
  12. The Budget Expenses Program
    A program demonstrating the use of an enumerated type.
  13. Sorting an Array with QuickSort
    How to sort arrays with the qsort function (QuickSort algorithm).
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